We use the finest Irish produce in our dishes and our amazing network of passionate artisan Irish suppliers have become our local heroes and friends.

Gilligan's Farm, Co. Roscommon

Our beef and lamb come from Padraic Gilligan, who plays music to his animals to keep them relaxed, and dry ages his meat in a chamber using sea salt from Achill Island.

Jane Russell, Co. Kildare

Jane proudly continues her family’s 1863 tradition of hand-making flavour-packed and preservative-free pork products.

Kish Fish, Co. Dublin

We get our seafood from Kish Fish, a family-run progressive business committed to responsible sourcing and sustainability. From wild Irish crab to oysters with a sweet nutty taste from the fresh-flowing waters of Carlingford Lough – these guys do us proud.

Caterway, Dublin 15

A family business bringing us incredible seasonal Irish veg, fruit and herbs, like Dockrells' carrots and Keogh’s potatoes from North Co. Dublin and Fancy Fungi’s mushrooms from Co. Wexford.

Gleneely Foods, Dublin 22

Our full-flavoured Irish cheeses come from the highest quality farms, including our artisan Tipperary Brie from Cooleeney Farm in Co. Tipperary and award-winning Hegarty's Cheddar from Hegarty Farm in Co. Cork.

Llewellyn Orchard, Co. Dublin

A familiar face from Dublin’s farmer’s markets, David Llewellyn supplies us with apple juice and Double L Cider from his farm, along with Lusca, his sparkling Cabernet Sauvignon and Ireland’s first commercially available wine.

Tipperary Distillery, Co. Tipperary

We’re excited to have a number of incredible Irish Whiskeys and a cocktail list that shows them off, but those from the Tipperary Distillery are some of our favourites. Their land has been farmed by the Ahearn family for over 200 years. The family tend their barley crops meticulously combining them with the purest water from their land to make their incredible amber liquid.

Discover more of the stories behind our ingredients when you dine with us.